Friday, March 19, 2010

போங்க பா யாரத நம்பறது

இத கேளுங்க

இப்ப படிங்க

the following is the Indian Express report
as appearing on October 12, 1997 about
Police registering a case of murder
by Jaggi Vasudev:
coimbatore, Oct, 11: Close on the heels of
scandals relating to fake godmen getting
exposed, yet another ashram from
Coimbatore is in the limelight with
Jaggi Vasudev aliash Jagadeesh of
Isha Yoga ashram at Poondi near Coimbatore,
being charged with the murder of his
wife Viji alias Vijayakumari.

a team of police personnel recently
visited the premises of Isha Ashram at
poondi and interrogated the inmates of
the ashram. Godman Jaggi is away in the US.

According to police, T. S. Ganganna of
Bangalore (father of Viji) had
preferred a complaint with the Bangalore
Police suspecting foul play in the death
of his daughter Viji.

The complaintant had stated that his
daughter left him last on June 15, 1996.
He reportedly received a message on
January 23, 1997, from Jaggi Vasudev,
stating that Viji was no more.
Ganganna said that Jaggi Vasudev had
hurriedly completed the cremation
on Jan.24 even before they could rush
from Bangalore, raising suspicion
about the nature of death.

He suspected death due to poisoning or

strangulation.According to him,
Jaggi Vasudev could have caused the
death of Viji to facilitate his illicit
relationship with yet another inmate
of the ashram.

Based on the complaint of Ganganna
to the Bangalore City Police on Aug. 12,
a case was registered.The Bangalore
City Police transferred it to the
Coimbatore Rural Police.The Coimbatore
Rural Police have registered a case
against Jaggi Vasudev under Section
302 of IPC (murder) and IPC 201
(suppression of evidence).

Later. Isa Yoga Foundatrion has
denied reports that Jaggi Vasudev
had fled to USA to avoid investigation
of ashram. Authorised Signatory of
Ashram Kiran stated that Guruji had
gone for giving lectures .